The Wedding Day 


Getting Ready -

Generally I like to get to the location where the bride is getting ready about an hour/hour and a half before she begins getting into her dress. That way I have plenty of time to get detail shots of the dress, shoes, jewelry, flowers, or anything else that is special to her day. Within that time I also have time to shoot candids of the rest of the family/wedding party getting ready. I’ll then take time to get some shots of the bride getting into her dress (or enter the room after she has mostly gotten into her dress). That is also a great time to also get some candids and artistic photographs of the bride touching up her makeup, finalizing any details, or having a toast with the girls.


The Ceremony -

If the ceremony is at a different location than where the bride is getting ready, I try to leave a bit before the bride so I have time to be ready when she arrives at the ceremony site. I’m able to get detail shots of the church, guests arriving, and anything else that may be important prior to the ceremony beginning. During the ceremony I try to stay as far back as possible so as not to cause distraction.  


The Formals -

Many times formals are done after the ceremony (although some couples choose to do a “first look” and get the formals out of the way before the ceremony).  My brides fill out a questionnaire prior to the wedding and we touch base over the phone the week of the wedding so we know exactly what we’ll be doing for family photographs.  This way we can breeze through this part of the day and everyone can move on to the cocktail hour and reception as soon as possible.


Bride/Groom shots -

Depending on how much time is allotted for bride/groom portraits, we can have fun and really get some fantastic artistic images. Generally I guide the couple around to different areas with the best light and capture a bunch of images of them together (looking at me, looking at each other, stylized portraits, etc.) Again, how much time was allotted ahead of time will vary. If more artistic portraits are something that are important to the Bride and Groom, then a little bit more time may be needed to really get a vast array of images.


The Reception -

After the Bride/Groom shots are finished, they usually have time to join the cocktail hour and I head inside to shoot a bunch of detail shots of the venue, centerpieces, favors, cake, etc. before the introductions begin. This is a great time to capture candids of the guests as well.

During dinner is usually a bit of downtime for photography as the guests enjoy their meal and then the fun begins. This is usually the time to capture first dances, parent dances, cake cutting, and candids of the guests dancing and interacting. Generally, a short while before the reception ends I try to check in with the bride to make sure that there is nothing else she may want captured before leaving.

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